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Hangzhou BinHe Middle School

Hangzhou binhe middle school is affiliated to hangzhou jiangnan experimental education group. It is a public junior high school with high starting point planning and high standard construction.The school is located in hangzhou high-tech development zone (binjiang) no. 58 jianghan east road, east of xixing police station.The school covers an area of 33,589 square meters with a building area of 32,550 square meters.The school completed construction in August 2017 with a total investment of 450 million yuan.



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    The construction standard of the school is advanced and high-end, and the layout of the campus is delicate and reasonable: the fine decoration of the whole school is made of wheat straw and other environment-friendly high-quality brand materials.The interior space is equipped with central air conditioning system, fresh air system and direct drinking water system.Ordinary classrooms and special classrooms are equipped with the most advanced multi-media all-in-one machine and intelligent education platform.Ordinary classroom area of 80 square meters, spacious and bright, comfortable environment, also has more than 20 expand small functional classroom learning and individualized teaching, such as dance music classrooms, art painting and calligraphy classroom, classroom, computer classroom, go the classroom, steam room, model aircraft, etc., for the development of specialty students provides a favorable space to grow up.The sports venues are complete and rich, with high standard plastic track, squash court, indoor basketball court, volleyball court, badminton court, table tennis court, etc.The school has 520 lecture halls, 210 small theaters and 150 classrooms, which provide excellent conditions and environment for the colorful campus life of bin and students.The school library has prepared a number of reading areas for students, as well as a reading area in the classroom, aiming to make reading a part of students' life.The school has a well-equipped canteen with a warm and clean environment and advanced restaurant equipment, which provides safe, delicious and nutritious catering for teachers and students. The satisfaction rate of students' dining situation survey in 2017 is 100%.

    Currently, the school has 25 teachers.The professional quality of the teacher team is outstanding. 1 person was awarded the provincial spring silkworm award, 6 people were awarded the municipal comprehensive honors such as hangzhou new teacher and hangzhou excellent class teacher, and 7 people were awarded the district comprehensive honors such as district backbone teacher, district new teacher and district excellent class teacher.These teachers have rich educational experience, solid teaching skills, parents trust.The other eight are 2017 graduates, who are either outstanding graduates at the provincial level or graduates from key universities.In addition, 27 full-time teachers will be recruited for the 2018 academic year.In the process of teacher recruitment, they stood out with their excellent professional skills, and were awarded 5 municipal level comprehensive honors such as municipal new teacher, municipal excellent head teacher, and 12 district level comprehensive honors such as district level new teacher.The remaining 11 are outstanding graduates of the class of 2018, including postgraduates from key universities and outstanding student cadres at the provincial level. Some of the new teachers ranked in the top 10% of the school in terms of professional performance or comprehensive performance. 



   Hangzhou Binhe middle school adheres to the excellent educational tradition of hangzhou jiangnan experimental school education group, and pursues the educational ideal of "harmony without uniformity, each beautiful in its own way"."Harmony without difference" is an important way of dealing with people and things in Confucianism. According to the analects of Confucius, "the superior man is harmonious without difference, while the inferior man is harmonious without discord.We recognize that every student has his or her own strengths, and education needs to discover and develop each student's strengths, strengths and weaknesses, and help students become talents.We need teachers with different styles and specialties to conduct in-depth research in their own professional field and grow up with students.In our campus, "harmony without difference" means to put people first, recognize, tolerate and respect differences, and grow together in harmony."Each has its own beauty" comes from fei xiaotong's maxim to deal with the relationship between different cultures.We hope that people of different organizations, disciplines and ages on campus can not only appreciate the beauty created by themselves, but also tolerate and appreciate the beauty created by others, and integrate their own beauty with the beauty of others to create a beautiful campus together.The school will adhere to the school philosophy of "harmony without diversity, each beautiful in its own way" to stimulate the creativity of every teacher and student, so as to realize the greatest self-value of each person.With "harmony" cohesion, "harmony" creativity, with "harmony" power, to create a distinctive "bin he" people "culture. 

   Harmony and beauty, we pursue the harmony between people and the campus environment, the harmony between people and their own inner harmony, so that our students in the harmonious education atmosphere to learn happily, in the harmonious interest paradise tao zhi noble sentiment, in the harmonious interpersonal relationship healthy growth!We have made great efforts to build a "harmony" culture and implement "harmony" education. Education and teaching activities are carried out closely around this theme, so that "harmony" culture is gradually integrated into the lives of teachers and students.In the construction of American culture, not only based on the explicit campus environment beautification, but also made a lot of efforts in the implicit humanistic connotation.Campus cultural activities are rich and colorful, providing a platform for students to grow up with beauty. Such a beautiful cultural environment can moisten children's growth silently but effectively. 

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