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HangZhou No. 11 middle school

Founded in 1904, the school, formerly known as zhenwen women's school, is one of the earliest women's schools founded by the Chinese people and one of the oldest 100-year schools in hangzhou.



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The cultural accumulation here is profound, is the history of a hundred years.Long history and profound cultural accumulation, cast the excellent quality of the school.The school has been rated as "national primary and secondary school hero team collective creation activity model school", "provincial secondary ordinary high school characteristic model school", "provincial green school", "municipal people's satisfaction school", "municipal civilized unit", "municipal civilized school" and so on.The school takes "delicate harmony, realistic and innovative" as the running philosophy, "let every student grow into the strongest" as the goal of education, and build "small but beautiful, small but exquisite" as the development goal of the school.

The stage here is big enough to promote students' independent and diversified development.Adhering to the "happy growth, learning has expertise" concept of education, the school has built a school-based education system appropriate to the concept, to build a platform for students' independent learning, to promote the diversified development of students.The school has "the most powerful literature society in hangzhou" comet literature society, "the first 3D archaeology society in China to introduce the museum into the campus", masson pine painting and calligraphy society, creative robot society, orienteering society, model association and dozens of other student societies.Teachers and students, science festival, body art, creating "subsequently youth corps" student activities such as rich and colorful, class management, distinctive student individual all the beauty of its beauty, together constitute the hang ten one warm and soft, good exquisite appearance of campus culture, to give full play of them are students, every student to diversified development.

The teachers here are the most caring, the teaching level is high, the teaching quality is good.The school has a reasonable structure of teachers and a strong teaching force. Teachers with middle and senior titles account for more than 90% of full-time teachers.A team of teachers full of love, noble character, business essence and strong ability has laid a solid foundation for the all-round development of students.The online rate of the college entrance examination in our school is kept at 100%, and the online rate of the second stage is up to 96.6% in the new exam in 2017.Dozens of students have been admitted to key universities such as zhejiang university, xi 'an jiaotong university, xidian university, Shanghai international studies university, lanzhou university, east China normal university, China academy of fine arts and Beijing sport university.

Here the education modernization level is first-class, the intelligent logistics is famous throughout the country.The school is a provincial information technology discipline base and a municipal smart education model school, with a leading innovation laboratory, intelligent cloud desktop, creative robots, 3D printing innovation laboratory of the Chinese academy of sciences, etc.The school actively explores the use of artificial intelligence to help wisdom education, and takes the lead in realizing senselessly brush face attendance;Carry out intelligent analysis on students' attentiveness in class;The electronic classroom record generated after class can be clicked and played back.Intelligent analysis of learning short board, accurate push personalized homework;The school canteen is the first smart canteen in China, where students can order their favorite meals through smart class CARDS, ordering machines and other terminals. The canteen can purchase and prepare meals accurately according to the ordering situation, and the students can take meals by brushing their faces and generate personal nutrition reports every week.Our exploration in ai to aid smart education has been reported by People's Daily, CCTV, the us world journal, Russian state television and other domestic and foreign media.


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