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Taizhou kaiyacheng kindergarten

Kaiyacheng kindergarten is a branch of Xiuqiang Company, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Xiuqiang Glass Technology Co. , Ltd.



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With the initial intention of benefiting the country, benefiting the people and benefiting the children, adhering to the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation, xiuqiang education has invested nearly 1 billion yuan in the layout of the field of early childhood education, has acquired hangzhou whole person preschool education group, xuzhou preschool teachers preschool education group, etc., in order to establish high-quality characteristics of early childhood education, promote the development of xiuqiang preschool education.Culture is the soul of a nation, education is the root of culture, the basis of education in early childhood education.Xiuqiang education adopts the educational concept of localization of international elements and internationalization of local elements, and implements gratitude, kindness, optimism and dedication in every care detail of kindergarten teachers for children to cultivate children's good quality.Love is the soul of education, we use sincere love to awaken children's inner goodness, wisdom and love, so that children have a healthy, happy, happy and meaningful childhood.Xiuqiang education attaches great importance to the inheritance, integration and innovation of Chinese excellent traditional culture, advocates home collaboration and home co-education, and strives to make parents and kindergartens become a growing community and a happy community.



Show strong education to children's development environment and provides the high quality early childhood teachers, become the leader of Chinese preschool education, emphasizes the ecological concept, advocated the three ecological education, ecology, environmental ecology and the ecological food, to children's physical and mental health as a starting point, to cultivate children's healthy eating habits, healthy habits and healthy habits, establish children active spontaneous health consciousness, cultivate children since the childhood has a good ability to care for and etiquette behavior.Show strong education seriously practice the first button to "button", positioning is to do with quality, high quality to the kindergarten, is currently in the domestic retail nursery school nearly 100, more than 50 early education center, training and research and development institutions, in kindergarten for more than 30000, staff team of more than 3000 people, teacher force strong, early childhood education experience, is the successful model of the listed company capital investment in preschool education in China.Xiuqiang education contributes its greatest strength to the promotion of excellent traditional culture, the realization of the dream of early childhood education in China, and the cultivation of a new generation to play the role of national rejuvenation.


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